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กรกฎ วิริยะ (Goragod Wiriya)
Web Developer

Owner and webmaster at Goragod.com groups.

The purpose of a website to disseminate knowledge. And learning resources on your own. Including the exchange of ideas through the website. Currently, I have focused on designing a website with PHP and AJAX in particular.

Our product and services.

  • AJAX Chatroom
  • GBLOG Web blog on the site and ready for service.
  • Forum for free. For free forum service.
  • Multi-Color Forum. Skins can have a board and a variety of categories to 12 different boards (up to 99 types).
  • HI5 promote web promote hi5.
  • And much more please ask.
  • Design Website Development with PHP AJAX XHTML CSS web standards Standard.

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